Saturday, September 10, 2011

my power pop addiction, no. 137 (209)

I have it in mind sometime in the near future to write a series of posts on the roots of power pop, perhaps looking at 10 or 15 songs from the 60s that provided the basic blueprint. Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds are interesting to consider in that conversation because of the way they used their formative experiences in the 60s to craft a distinctly revivalist sound a decade later. They became pioneering simulators, which is something of a paradox, and because they were a bit older than a lot of their contemporaries, they were also ideally suited to resuscitate the three-minute pop song in the wake of the era of rock. I found some great 1978 footage of Rockpile for tonight's song. Lowe and Edmunds are in peak form and you really get a flavor for how refreshing and exciting their stuff felt and sounded at the time. Enjoy it, and enjoy your Saturday...

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