Monday, March 21, 2011

songs for broken hearts, no. 43

Here Comes the Night is more appropriate on Friday at 5pm then it is on a rainy and cold Monday, but who cares. The song sounds very advanced for music recorded in 1964. The song really could have been titled, Here Come the 60s. It has that feeling of becoming, if you know what I mean. Van Morrison’s voice was still developing at this point, but you can hear the first traces of the style and range that would become key elements in his long and prolific solo career. The harmonies are totally wacky. I can't quite tell whether their double tracked and Van is harmonizing with himself, or if there's more than one singer. ...If you’re wondering why the Telecaster sounds so rich and satisfying, the fact that Jimmy Page is playing it may have something to do with it. Funny how ‘ol Jimmy shows up on so many hit records as a session player. I actually first became aware of Here Comes the Night via Bowie’s cover of the song on Pin Ups. The original version, posted tonight for your listening enjoyment, is far superior and always manages to make me feel good, even though its overall emotional thrust is one of jealousy, anguish and pain...

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